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Tangokompaniet has a wide variety of danceshoes; classical as well as sneakers. You can also find CDs and a collection of tangoclothing! The shop is situated at Tangokompaniet studio at Fredriksbergsgatan 7 in Malmö, which will be open during the Sunday of the event.



You can stay comfortable at one of Malmös many hotels. For prices and offers please check the site booking.com

For you who want more of a budget version, you can stay in our sleeping hall at Rörsjögatan 6 for a price of SEK 100- €10/night which includes a thick air mattress. You bring your own sleeping bag and towel. Don’t forget to register to get a spot!

Food and drinks

Malmö is the city in Sweden which has most restaurants and is known for being quite cheap! Wonder around and see what you can find and of course don’t forget to have a falafel!